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Characteristics of new generation of aseptic filling machine
Date:2013/12/5     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

Aseptic filling machine series aseptic filling machine is a new generation can handle a variety of products, a variety of containers, of various sizes, thesystem can replace the traditional sterilization tunnel, the magnetic controlcan ensure the filling mouth filling liquid and semi liquid products (pulp, fruit)to the non bacteria effect.

Counter pressure filling machine and electronics, this filling machine is anew equipment designed according to the principle of electromagnetic flowmeter into.

It has three kinds of different filling forms: not carbonated drinks andcarbonated beverage sterile bottle and nozzle contact filling aseptic beverage bottle and nozzle, not in contact, not carbonated beverage bottle and nozzle contact. Can be regarded as a universal filling system, it can deal with all kinds of different specifications of bottles and products, has the extremely high packing quality and operation safety.

With the increasingly high demands of life, functional diversification will be the new trend in the development of filling machine.

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